Meet the Team

DSC_7510Logan Randolph is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania studying Fine Arts and Entrepreneurship. Logan has grown up in the Pittsburgh area and is excited to be a member of the Margo Lovelace team. For Logan, applied conversation has gradually integrated itself into his process. Universal concerns, traditions, and practices have become large elements in conceptually configuring his work.

nic bio goodNic Marlton is a senior at Carnegie Mellon studying Public Policy and Art. He has a specific research interest in green urban development and art as urban intervention. As a member of the Margo Lovelace Team, Nic contributes an interest in local history to our approach to Celebrating Margo’s legacy.

alexx good IIAlex Lee graduated in 2012 from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a local filmmaker and Assistant Editor at WQED. His history in organizing and film-making has provided the Margo Lovelace team the necessary publicity material for fundraising. He is working diligently to complete the Lovelace Documentary for submission in the 2014 Three Rivers Film Festival.


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